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Nelda, the Whisperer. Providing motivation, inspiration, enlightenment with the power of a roar and the effectiveness of a whisper.

I am solopreneur, with solutions in many aspects of life. Oh these are not just the typical solutions. These are natural or as close as possible. These are energy, they are positive, they are powerful. See for yourself as you browse around my site. All my life I have searched for solutions and now have this opportunity and venue to share them. And the amazing thing, as new solutions are discovered through me, you can also share in the enlightenment and prosper from the discovery. 

My 30+ years in software development has taught me to think logically and move forward creatively, and not reinvent the wheel, or the binary search, or the web services framework, or web pages either. Fourier transforms are not new and don’t need to be rewritten. They, like so much other existing software are simply tools to build upon to create new. 

In the same token, vision boards are not new and don’t need to be reinvented. However mixing visual with emotions and true binaural tones, could be powerful at the subconscious level to create the environment of your success. We mere humans have not yet acknowledged let alone approached our full natural human potential, pure with nature as God intended, no chips installed or attached. 

But no solution is a solution if it does not address the root cause. Clarity seems to be lacking these days and solutions abound solving something that doesn’t even exist. Fake solutions, with fake data addressing fake problems. Understanding the problem using real cause and effect science is the only way to truly solve problems.

Solving an equation requires manipulation until the variable in question stands alone. This is the process of seeking clarity. Only when the variable in question is isolated can the effect of the other variables on that one variable, be known. This is science. Close enough, probably true, and percentages of possibilities is not science although today many would have you to believe it is.

This is a whisper, quietly planting seeds of who I am and what I can do for you or with you. Inspiring? Motivating? Join me and share.