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Self Governance Whispers

Our country was founded on the principle that the people have the power, not the government. This power exists as an individual as well as collectively. We must govern our individual selves and apply all principles of governance to ourselves before we can apply them to others. We must walk the walk while we talk the talk.

Only with self governance at the individual level will be have powerful government. We should not look to the government to solve our problems but must learn to cooperate with our neighbors and resolve issues our selves.

The current government as of 2021 has been flipped over from what was originally intended by our founding fathers. The Corporate government has only 1 primary motive and that is to create profit, which leaves out the People. This government is no longer serving the people.

Learn about Common Law, the Real History of how we got to our current situation, and how you can get involved to help reconstruct the original government by the People and for the People by reading the posts in the State Nationals and becoming a Maryland State National. You can also keep abreast of the happenings at the federal level by reading the posts in the State National Federation News.