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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

More than just a web site or a web presence!

More than just words describing your business and services!

(And this page is not a good example as we tend to work on ourselves last!)

Contact me if you want someone who you can work with to provide full online marketing packages that include the full cycle of building your audience and getting noticed.

My most recent projects have been helping the local first time conservative candidates run successful campaigns, by providing them online services to quickly build their subscribers, increase their donations, and get their message out to their followers and constituents. The package offered to most of these candidates included fully branded subscriber landing pages/forms with GDPR double opt-in processes, an awesome website, and fully branded donation landing pages/forms. My platforms of choice are my own hosting on Bluehost, subscriber services on SendInBlue, and donation services on WinRed.

My portfolio of websites I’ve built or maintained:

I also run facebook ads especially for local businesses and local political candidates.