This is a test

This is a test to test the rss feed for Send in Blue. It should send out 5 emails at 4 PM EDT. It has an excerpt as well. Let’s see where that shows up.

A channel may optionally contain a <textInput> sub-element, which contains four required sub-elements.

<title> — The label of the Submit button in the text input area.

<description> — Explains the text input area.

<name> — The name of the text object in the text input area.

<link> — The URL of the CGI script that processes text input requests.

test caption

Advantages of RSS emails for bloggers

The obvious advantage of RSS campaigns is the ability to send notifications straight to your subscribers’ inboxes when a new blog post is published. This, of course, increases the chances of the post being read.

Email is a powerful direct line of communication.

With the evolution of permission-based email marketing, the inbox has come to represent a curated, personal space. People don’t give their email address to just anyone anymore

If someone signs up to your email list, it’s because they’re genuinely interested in your content. What’s great about RSS emails is that you’re sending a blog post notification to an already engaged audience.

The other advantage of recurring RSS campaigns is that they’re automated. Set it, forget it, then sit back and watch the traffic roll in.

Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Let’s take a look at how to set up RSS emails.