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This is the beginning of the new.

So here I am caught in this whirlwind, knowing that as an inspirer of positive thinking I’ve taught that we create our environments. Hmmmmm.
So here we are. Lockdown, shutdown, stay home, stay away, mask, fines, arrest.
Constitutional? I say no! Not at all! And many others agree, including legal experts.
When we plopped here onto this earth, we were born with freedom and liberty and a totally open mind, all these things given to us by our Creator just by virtue of being born. And in this great nation we have a Constitution that protects those very rights. Now that Constitution doesn’t say, oh except for wartime, or oh except for famine, or oh except for emergencies or viruses or pandemics. No it doesn’t have any exceptions. And the Maryland Constitution Article 44 incorporates the US Constitution and upholds the same – no exceptions. 
Unfortunately my rights have been violated by an overaggressive government and by a set of events that swayed the government’s decisions. The set of events are very vague, lack real substance of fact, and are highly opinionated.
And unfortunately I as one person cannot regain my civil rights. No I need others to stand up with me and together we have a voice, together we matter and together we can make the changes to gain my rights back. Now wonderfully when I regain my rights YOU also regain yours!

So join us in Annapolis on Saturday, as we join together in prayer, yes exercising our Constitutional rights by standing close and holding hands, yes exercising our Constitutional rights by having our faces unmasked and clearly visible so that we can pray, meditate, join with Spirit and speak without obstruction. And now we can start to re-create our environment, the environment we want. Remember we visualize to materialize and then take inspired action. And now’s your chance.

Let’s create this – OUR new normal (not theirs) with our Constitutional rights in place where they should be.