Email Sign-ups Without Worries

Have you ever seen an ad that offers a free gift and you don’t have to do anything, except provide a valid email address? Sometimes your free gift is cash, sometimes its a book download, but in most cases you get something free in return for providing a valid email address.

Many people just blow off these ads thinking they are scams. And I’ll admit that some of those offers just flood your inbox with a bunch of advertisements. But some do not. And don’t forget you do still get your freebie, so it really is not a scam.

But you don’t know which of those ads will open the flood gates and blast you with unwanted email and which will not, until you’ve clicked on the link, and provided your email address, and given it a try! And only then will you know!

So to protect yourself you may want to start a junk email address, you know something free and easy like or Just something to let you know it may be junk and yet it may not.

Then you sign up for an offer using that email address. And then you check that email address at least once every few days to ensure you are catching all the good stuff from the offers you’re getting. And you can easily delete everything on a daily basis because none of your emails from your friends or people who matter are going into this junk inbox.

And your regular email address, you know the one where all your friends send their love, it remains pure and clean!

Ok! That’s the tip for today from your wise Penny Finesse!!💰Stay tuned for more penny wise tips soon!!