Setting The Home Front Page

So many times there are things you do once and then never have to worry about them again. Until….

An easy way to create a new web page is to start with choosing and installing a theme, choosing and installing one of the demos for that them, and then working from that. You can either change the posts or create new ones. You can either change categories or create new ones. And you can change the pages or create new ones.

But the one thing that is not intuitively obvious is setting the page you want as the landing page to be the Home Front Page! It’s not in the theme settings, it not in the page settings, although you can easily see it in the list of the pages. No this is completely hidden. And it is one of those few things that you do once, and then forget about it until months later when you want to create yet another web page!

Ok I had to ask. I asked the theme developers because I purchased the theme and it seems to me it would be a part of the theme. But no the designers of WordPress thought this would be better served as a WordPress setting. So it is something that needs set in your WordPress home backend. On my host (Bluehost) it looks like this:

If you haven’t yet told WordPress which page is to be the Home Front Page, then instead of Update it will show Start Here. In fact the nice thing with this is you don’t have to name your home page Home. You can give it any name and it is the Front Page setting that specifies it is the landing or home page for your site.

Hope this helps!

Happy Site Creation!