ClearPhone vs Freedom Phone or Patriot Phone

Coming soon – what makes ClearPhone stand out above the others making similar claims?

Already know about the great features including encryption, decentralization, and untrackability of this great solution? Get your ClearPhone here!

Again for comparison, Freedom Phone also uses an android derived operating system, GrapheneOS. But again, ClearOS incorporates decentralization, which GrapheneOS does not.

On top of the privacy and security, I have found the phone itself to be a very refreshing change from my previous LG. And I can get clear and uninterrupted calls in my living room again. Seems that when the Sprint/TMobile merger occurred, the cell signal inside my house seem to dwindle to a trickle. I seldom had 2 whole bars any more. Since my cell phone is my primary phone, this was unacceptable. Now with my new ClearPhone with its highly secure ClearOS transmitting on the ClearCellular network, I can again have clear and undropped calls right in my own living room!! Wooo Hooo!!